Local Services


Our Local Services to support you in simplifying your business

Because your needs are the focus of our attention. We have gone a step ahead to strongly meet your expectations beyond regular shipping. That’s why we offer you a wide range of tailored local value-added services to meet your demand in our very dynamic industry: CMA CGM+.

1. Container Reuse: Locally known as “Triangulation” or “hijacking” is the conversion of an import delivered container to an export stuffed container without picking up empty from our depot: This allows you to use any of our containers still on its import leg for your validated export booking saving you cost and time to pick up empty for export. For more details you can contact our VAS Champion or logistics team

2. Dryfreight Bags: new solution from CMA CGM+ in Container Humidity Control, already tested and approved by CMA CGM customers, aiming to protect your cargo (especially agro commodities) from moisture while on transit by sea. It is efficient, money saving and eco-friendly. For more information, click on the link below to view the Dryfreight Bags flyer.

Dryfreight Bags