CMA CGM Philippines sailing ahead with Ocean Alliance

OA Philippines

CMA CGM Philippines Inc., offers comprehensive market coverage capable of meeting customer expectations across the globe. The innovative services permit to deliver the right combination of quality and performance across a wide range of global shipping solutions. The CMA CGM Group has been operating through a series of direct subsidiaries, each of them being a leader in its field. Thanks to dedicated teams, equipped with expertise and commitment, CMA CGM in the Philippines supports customers’ needs and ensure an excellent quality of service.

With Ocean Alliance, CMA CGM in the Philippines reduce the transit times and enhance its service coverage in North America, North Europe and in the Mediterranean region.

CMA CGM in the Philippines

  • 3 Offices – Manila, Cebu and Davao
  • 56 dedicated experts
  • 16 feeder sailings per week connecting PH to Asia main hubs
  • 7 ports of calls – Manila, Subic, Batangas, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos and Davao

CMA CGM in the Philippines

CMA CGM enhances its service coverage to North America with faster transit times and extensive port coverage in the Philippines

  • Improved transit time to the U.S. Pacific South West with the new Jade Express (17 days from Manila to Los Angeles). Tacoma port added in the regular port rotation to cover mid-west cargo.
  • Improved transit time to the U.S. Pacific North West ( 16 days from Manila to Vancouver, 18 days to Seattle)
  • Columbus Suez, a 100% CMA CGM core service, gives access to a wide range of North America East Coast ports. This includes Halifax, which gateway provides an optimal Inland Point Intermodal coverage to Toronto, Montreal and the U.S. Midwest
  • A 100% fully dedicated service to the U.S. Gulf covering Houston, Miami, Jacksonville, Mobile and New Orleans: Transportation fully dedicated to CMA CGM clients

Ocean Alliance to North Europe and the Mediterranean

  • Consolidated and Own hub in Singapore enables CMA CGM’s Philippian office to provide two sailings per week to Manila
  • Extensive coverage and fast transit time to U.K. ports, FAL 1 to Southampton (29 days) and FAL 5 to Felixtowe UK (29 days)
  • Direct call to Gdansk, Poland (previously via North Europe base ports)
  • Fast transit time to Malta (22 days) to cover NAF and East Mediterranean transshipment cargo to the Philippines
  • Offers a very reliable service from the Philippines to Turkey and the Black sea