DTHC implementation in Port Sudan

Dear All,

Please find the Terminal Handling surcharge applicable at destination as from February 15th 2018 (B/L date) until further notice:

DTHC EUR 108 EUR 163

Above charges are subject to VAT applicable in Sudan

This Terminal Handling Surcharge will be applied as follows:

• Origin Range: from all ports

• Destination range: Port Sudan, Sudan (SDPZU)

• Cargo: all cargo type

• Lara Code : THC34

• Date of application: February 15th 2018 (B/L date), except for US originating cargo for which date of application should be March 16th 2018, until further notice,

• Scope: DTHC will be applicable on collect basis for all contracts

* The associated basic freights are available here: https://www.cma-cgm.fr/ebusiness/tarifs/finder. Bunker related surcharges, Origin THC, Peak season charges and similar charges and Security related surcharges may also apply and are accessible at http://www.cma-cgm.fr/ebusiness/tarifs/charge-finder. Other charges such as contingency charges and local charges may be applicable.

Thank you for your usual support.

Booking/documentation rules and restriction remain available through the following link :