Emergency Transport Surcharge

Dear Customer

Our trade is facing an unprecedented truck power shortage in the US. Situation is extremely tense to find door solutions for our customers.

Subsequent truck haulage sudden rate increase is also a challenge. Several carriers have already announced that they will no longer perform any door moves until further notice.

CMA CGM has one of the best intermodal service in the USA and has over the years developed a strong relationship with its partners and customers.

Therefore, in an effort to improve the situation and to guarantee the same good service to our customers, CMA CGM has decided to implement an Emergency Trucking Surcharge, ETS.

Date of application:

March 16th 2018


$300 per unit


Applied to the following door moves inbound and outbound:

- Savannah local door moves (all motor)

- Houston local door moves (all motor)

- Door moves (motor/rail) routed via any rail ramp in the below regions:

  • Houston, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Memphis, Tennessee