INDIA: Mandatory declaration of GSTIN, IEC, and email address of Indian Importer

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We have received here enclosed notice from Commissioner of Customs (NS-III) Vide Public notice no.33/2108 dated 07.03.2018 that all Bill of Ladings issued on or after 1st April 2018 should mandatorily consist of the following details on the face of BL:

  • GST Identification No (GSTIN) of Indian importer (15 Alphanumeric).
  • Import and Export code (IEC) of Indian importer (10 Numeric).
  • Official E-mail ID of the Indian importer

In view of above, it is mandatory that all origin offices obtain this information from shipper through the SI and update the same in the Goods Description section of the BL manually.

Suggested Format as follows (in 3 separate lines):

GSTIN: _______


IEC: _______

The above information is necessary because Indian customs have observed several cases where consignments of Hazardous waste, restricted item are imported in the name of certain importers and they remain un- cleared. Subsequent investigation re-vealed that no such importer actually exists. It is further suspected that consignment has been imported for the purpose of dumping of hazardous waste causing serious En-vironmental threat.

Apart from above Customs department is giving further momentum to DPD (Direct Port delivery) customers and wants shipping line to map their internal system with IEC codes of DPD customer so that they can stop the present practice of DPD intimation by importer (72 hours advance intimation submitted by importer for in respect of each consignment to Shipping Lines).

Rule is applicable for all type of commodities and for all shipments imported in India Exemption from this rule will concern only :

• Shipments with Freight Forwarders as Consignee : Exemptions from IEC code, (GSTIN & EMAIL ID remain mandatory).

• Personal Effect cargo: requirements are not applicable (IEC code , GSTIN num-ber, EMAIL ID not mandatory)

CMA CGM Agencies India are in touch with the HO IT team for the necessary system enhancements to capture this information at partner level and print the same along with the consignee/notify information automatically. Once the enhancements are ready, CCAI will relay addendum to this advisory.

In case of any queries or clarification you may write to the below contacts:

  1. MailMBY.UNAIR@cma-cgm.com-Manager, India Imports Documentation
  2. Mailmby.nmondkar@cma-cgm.com – General Manager – India Imports Commercial
  3. MailMBY.MBHARATHIRB@cma-cgm.com – General Manager. India Customer Service and Documentation

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