Train Lisboa / TCL Leixões

Dear Valued Customer,

Considering the huge congestion at PTLEI, not only due to the strike at PTLIS, but also due to the terminal's contingency plan in relation to COVID19, we are facing some problems and delays in our direct rail connection. The terminal is already refusing to receive some trains live which we regret.

Therefore, for the continuation of a sustainable service to our customers, we may have to send the units to the IP LEI ramp and send them to the terminal, whenever our train is refused by YILPORT LEIXÕES. This situation will involve additional costs:

- 1 Handling: € 31.00 / container at IP LEI

- IP LEI Shunt for YILPORT LEIXÕES: € 55.00 / container

Certainly, however, we will continue to make every effort to send the units di-rectly to YILPORT LEIXÕES, putting pressure on our supplier and the terminal as usual, trying to avoid further costs for our esteemed customers during this difficult period that we are facing.

In anticipation of your good wishes, I apologize once again.

Yours Sincerely.

CMA CGM Portugal