Russian Federation

Procedures & Regulations


The exporting activity involves several commercial and regulatory procedures. These procedures also involve considerable documentation requirements.

The export documentation involves several steps: once the negotiation of rate is completed and conditions are acceptable to the Carrier, the Customer may place a booking with CMA CGM Rus. It is important to be aware that the exportation of certain goods may be prohibited or restricted. This means that certain goods may not be exported at all, while other goods may be exported only with a valid license /authorization. If clarification of any matter relating to prohibitions or restrictions is required you should contact our export team.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has amended the SOLAS convention under regulation 2 of chapter VI which mandates the declaration of the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a packed container before loading on board vessels within a precise cut-off date/ time to the shipping line and/or port terminal authorities.

Acknowledging this major change in the industry, a new step has been added to the Cargo Export process. CMA CGM Group has put particular attention into making this task as easy as possible for you. To achieve this, the functionality we propose relies on two factors:

  • Visibility on the current VGM status of your shipments: a VGM dashboard will provide a global vision of the status of all your shipments so that you can always know if you are up to date
  • Easy submission of your VGM data: though our Excel template based mass upload functionality. This tutorial will show how to use these two functionalities.

We can also arrange VGM procedure on your behalf. Please contact our Export teams for tariffs and terms.

Booking details have to be submitted to CMA CGM Rus in writing and have to contain all valid details like:

  • cargo details (commodity, weight, measurement, HS code etc)
  • container size
  • number and type of containers to be booked
  • port of loading and port of discharge
  • estimated date of containers arrival to CY and date of customs formalities readiness haulage details

To deliver laden container to the port please use attached CMR and Rail waybill instructions.

Bronka by truck

Bronka by rail

CTSP by truck

CTSP by rail

FCT by rail

We remind you that all the containers should be duly sealed in accordance with CMA CGM seal policy

CMA CGM Seal policy


Goods may be shipped out of Russia only after Customs clearance has been obtained.

In case your shipment is destined one of OFAC sanctions countries, please fill in Compliance Booking form:

Compliance Booking Form

General procedure for transfer of empty container from import to export by CMA CGM bookings without delivery to the line depot (triangulation):

1. Unstuff import cargo to ensure suitability of container for transportation of export cargo.

2. Send an email request with subject: "TRANSFER FROM IMPORT TO EXPORT//EQ011" to the following contacts:


OBLIGATORY details to be mentioned:

- container number

- import bill of lading number, Carrier's name

- CMA CGM export booking number

- name of cargo

- date of transfer of the container for export

- place of transfer

- the country of destination in export

- "Herewith we confirm the acceptance of Line charge for the transfer: USD25 per container // or another agreed figure”

VAT No of Payer or name of the Payer in case of payment in foreign currency.

Currency: USD//EUR//RUB (money rule: resident / rubles, non-resident/currency!)

The conditions of the transfer:

  • requests for transfers should be received only from the customer of export carriage of goods.
  • The date of transfer from import to export is equal to the date of written confirmation of the transfer, but not earlier than the date of unstuffing of import cargo.
  • CMA CGM RUS reserves the right to request documents which confirm the date of unstuffing of imported cargo.
  • At weekends and outside office hours, the transfer is not carried out.
  • The use of the container in the export is possible only after receiving written confirmation from the employee of the equipment control Department CMA CGM RUS.

If container is used without the written permission, CMA CGM RUS reserves the right to request the return of the empty container to the depot.

At the same time, the container will be charged for excess usage in accordance with the agreed terms of import carriage (Bill of lading) on which the container arrived to Russia.

If you have any questions, please contact your CMA CGM Sales manager.