Export Regulations

To ensure smooth and fast export procedures from Senegal, please find relevant reglementations below.

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VGM declaration


No VGM = No load

From July, 1st 2016, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) enforces SOLAS Convention. This Convention constrains all shippers to declare a VGM to the shipping company before loading. CMA CGM will not load a container if a VGM declaration has not been transmitted prior to VGM cut-off date. Please follow the steps below to declare your VGM.


VGM (Verified Gross Mass) is the gross mass of a container after stuffing and sealing. It needs to be verified by a certified method. In Senegal, ANAM is the competent authority to choose the method.

Following the ANAM's decision, all containers must be weighting on a certified weightbridge before loading.

VGM declaration process

Step 1: Get VGM

  • Weighting of stuffed and sealed container on a certified weighbridge. TCD's weightbridge is certified.
  • Each container must be weighted individually.

Step 2: VGM declaration

3 avalaible options to declare your VGM to CMA CGM:

  • Via TCD: TCD offers a package including weighting + declaration for 35 000 F CFA per container. Please contact your usual sales representative.
  • Via eCommerce: eBusiness tab on CMA CGM website allows you to declare your VGM fastly and free of charge.
  • Manually: An excel file, available with your usual sales representative, is to be sent to

    A surcharge will be invoiced for manual declarations.

Step 3: VGM cut-off dates

VGM declaration must be transmitted to CMA CGM before the VGM cut-off date:

  • Dry cut-off: 48h before ETA.
  • Reefer cut-off: 24h before ETA.
  • Tip: Anticipate as to not find your container unloaded.

Step 4: Loading

  • After possible rectifications, CMA CGM will validate your VGM declaration.
  • Loading of containers.
  • In case of non-declaration: no loading and invoicing of all resulting costs to the shipper.
  • Tip: Keep your weight certificate until unstuffing.