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CMA CGM Slovenia: The Shipping Expert

CMA CGM Slovenija d.o.o. is part of the network of more than 755 agencies worldwide with office at Koper. We offer innovative services, efficiency and years of shipping expertise. For this purpose we use comprehensive concepts consisting of end-to-end and door-to-door solutions.

We provide to our customers:

  • Inland transportation of the cargo, using both road and rail networks as Koper, Slovenia is the shortest sea route from Far East to the heart of Europe.
  • Delivery of different container types from port to port, all over the world.

CMA CGM Slovenia offers top quality services, combining performance, reliability and quality through a team of motivated industry professionals that meets our client's expectations.

Slovenia Office

Worldwide coverage to all ports in the world

In Slovenia our ships call at port of Koper, we ship cargo worldwide with direct Ocean Alliance service or via feeder calls to Far East and South East Asia, West and East Africa, North and South America, Mediterranean, Middle East, India and Australia.

Map The Phoenician Express directly connects Adriatic Sea and Central Europe with Asia markets in one of the best transit time offered on the


Development of eCommerce is one of the Group’s main priorities. Our aim is to help you save time and boost your performances by enjoying a new experience of modern shipping.

To that effect, our eBusiness platform provides the following services:

  • Search schedules and identify route
  • Request quotation and bookings
  • Submit shipping instructions
  • Submit Verified Gross Mass(VGM)
  • Print BL and invoices
  • Upload & Print documents of transports
  • Access to customized dashboards
  • Follow shipments 24/7
  • Receive some specific notifications On line insurance

Our eCommerce team based in Koper can also deliver training in your premises.

You can request this training at the following e-mail address:

A training will be scheduled accordingly.



CMA CGM Slovenia d.o.o. is a certified Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-S) An AEO is a business involved in the international supply chain which has proved themselves to be compliant and trustworthy, and where applicable, safe and secure.


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