CMA-CGM Digital Innovation – Electronic LOI

Dear Valued Customer,

As part of our digital innovation, CMA CGM is introducing e-LOI, which will be effective 01 July 2020. That means from 01 July 2020 we will no longer be issuing manual LOIs.

What is e-LOI?

eLOI is a digital format of the traditional LOI document. Through the eSignature feature you no longer need to sign and post the hard copy documents instead you can digitally sign documents online from CMA-CGM website.

How to give e-LOI?

  1. Select your shipment from shipment dashboard
  2. Click on upload doc from actions
  3. Complete the e-LOI

What types of e-LOI are available on CMA-CGM website:

  1. Express (telex) release
  2. Print bill at destination (Appendix A and B)
  3. Not endorsed bills
  4. Amending bills
  5. Part load bills


  1. Consignee release confirmation special
  2. Shipper release confirmation special
  3. Express (telex) release special
  4. Delay in transit

*Only bill of lading parties, i.e. shipper or consignee can update same as these are legal documents