Solid Waste China

From September 1st, 2020, the Government of People’s Republic of China will enforce the recently published legislation on “the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste".

The objective of this new regulation is to gradually stop the import of any Solid Waste in China.

In order to comply with the new regulation, CMA CGM Group (including All Brands CMA CGM, CNC, ANL and its logistics arm CEVA Logistics) will implement a geographical roadmap, aiming at stopping the acceptance of shipments of Solid Waste Cargo to the People’s republic of China and therefore will reject new bookings of all types of solid waste cargoes bound to China (such as waste paper, waste plastics, waste metals, waste chemicals) from 7/7/2020 and onwards :

  • All trades except US TP: immediate effect. Only bookings confirmed at the time of this notice will be honored.
  • TP: latest loading date with valid import license 30.09.2020

We thank our Customers and Partners for their cooperation as any violation of the legislation will lead to Customs Fines and Custom Order to return Shipments at Origin.