Engineers in Action Bridge Program – CMA CGM

The World Bank estimates that one billion people in low-income countries around the world lack access to a road that is passable year-round, largely due to rivers that become impassable during rainy seasons. When rivers swell, walks to school or work or visits to doctors can become life threatening without a bridge to cross. For people around the world, a bridge can mean the difference between receiving an education, providing for their family, and getting medical attention – or not. Pedestrian bridges are built of many elements including stone, sand, cement, steel reinforcing bars and channels, timber, screws, and fencing. But the most critical component is the steel cable, which also happens to be the most difficult and expensive to procure. Cables of sufficient size and strength are simply not available in Eswatini and Bolivia. That’s why EIA is so grateful that CMA CGM is generously donating the shipping of cables from the United States. It is thanks to this support that EIA has the cable needed to connect previously isolated people to life -changing resources