Export Regulation


HS CODE : For cargoes destined to or transshipped at South Korea, POL, Booking Agents are required to provide correct & accurate commodity information (for both commodity HS code and description).

Commodity description shown on the B/L must be obvious and clear. Please also ensure Commodity HS code(s) matches with the description shown on the B/L. South Korea Customs can be strict, and any “missing, mis-matched or ambiguous commodity description” can lead to a penalty of USD 100 or more. If penalty occurs, it will be charged back to POL/Booking Agents.

D/G CARGO : Since September 2015, Busan Port Authority of South Korea already tightened restrictions on Hazardous Cargo Transshipments.

Please follow these instructions:

Effective immediately and until further notice, Busan Port of South Korea no longer accepts transshipment of IMO Classed Dangerous Goods of Class

- 1.1,

- 1.2,

- 1.3,

- 1.4,

- 2.1,

- 2.2,

- 2.3,

- 6.2

- 7.