OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM in Taiwan: highly competitive and direct service portfolio in record time

Taiwan key figures

Since April 1st, 2017 when the Ocean Alliance launched, CMA CGM has enhanced Taiwan services by inserting direct calls to numerous Ocean Alliance loops of services to/from Europe, Transpacific, Black Sea, Red Sea and Middle East, etc., of which most were served in transshipped modes in the past.

Apart from the above service enhancing in Taiwan, the Group has also offered several value added options such as intermodal transport, superfreezer, Project cargo, eCommerce and multibrands solutions to entertain all of our clients’ needs.

CMA CGM Group in Taiwan

Taiwan key figures

OCEAN ALLIANCE: extensive service coverage for Transpacific North America and Westbound North Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Read Sea and Middle East, etc.

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  • Competitive transit time from two Taiwan ports (Taipei and Kaohsiung) to Pacific South West via the Jade Express (JDX) line (Los Angeles 14 days/ Oakland 18 days/ Tacoma 21 days) and the South China Sea (SCS) line (Long Beach 13 days)
  • Fast transit time from Kaohsiung to Vancouver (12 days), Seattle (15 days) via the Dahlia Service (DAS)
  • Fast transit time from Pacific South West (Los Angeles 22 days/ Oakland 18 days) to Taipei via the Guangdong Express line (GEX)
  • Dedicated service from Kaohsiung to US Northeast Region (New York 32, Baltimore 35 and Norfolk 38 via the Taiwan Strait (TWS) line)

North Europe

  • Double port calls in Kaohsiung and Taipei to Rotterdam, Felixstowe and Hamburg via the French Asia line (FAL 6)
  • Improved transit time for all Baltic, transshipped via Hamburg
  • Full coverage of North Europe destinations with better transit time via Singapore through the Bosphorus Express line (BEX) as pre-carriage feeder

Mediterranean and Black Sea

  • Excellent direct service from Kaohsiung to Piraeus (22 days), La Spezia (25 days), Genoa (26 days), Fos (30 days) and Valencia (32 days) via the Mediterranean Club Express line (MEX2 or NEWMEX2S) with the fast transit time
  • Fast direct service from Kaohsiung to Port said West (18 days), Beirut (20 days), Piraeus (23 days), Izmit (25 days), Ambarli (26 days), Constanza (28 days) and Odessa (30 days) via the Bosphorus Express line (BEX)
  • Extensive service coverage to other Mediterranean destinations via Singapore with better and competitive transit time
  • Dedicated Kaohsiung Terminal #68-69 leased & operated by the Group to best meet the clients’ needs

Red Sea

  • New direct call at Taipei Port
  • Fast transit time to Jeddah (19 days), Sokhna (22 days) and Aqaba (25 days) via The Red Sea Express (REX) line


OCEAN ALLIANCE: positive turning points for Taiwan

iconReducing the transit time substantially
• Pacific South West: Fast transit time from/to Los Angeles /Long beach (12 days) and Oakland (17 days)
• Pacific North West: Fast transit time from/to Vancouver (12 days ) /Seattle (15 days)
• Improving our Med services from transshipment to direct by cutting down our transit time dramatically for nearly all destinations in West, East Med and Black Sea by more than 10 days, upgrading our services to 1st ranking in Taiwan.

iconFeeder solutions to connect Taiwan with Latin America, Africa via Singapore

iconEnabling Kaohsiung Terminal to act as one of the optional transshipment hubs for the group to optimize the filling factors