Tanzania aims for a sugar production of 700,000 tons by 2025

The development of the sugar industry is one of the Tanzanian government’s agricultural priorities to meet growing demand from the domestic market. The government thus expects production of 700,000 metric tons by 2025, compared to 440,000 T in 2019 and 250,000 T in 2015.

As of today, sugar remains one of the main import items for Tanzania. Recent reports indicate that Tanzania’s demand for domestic sugar was 470,000 metric tons, while the country’s five sugar processing factories had the capacity of producing 378,000 tonnes in 2019.

The introduction of 6 new varieties of sugar cane developed for the first time locally and the strengthening of the processing capacities of the country's main sugar factories (Kilombero Sugar, Kagera, Bakhresa) - which employ nearly 30,000 people - should help achieve these objectives.

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