World Premiere: CMA CGM Publishes the First Electronic BL

For the first time in the history of the shipping industry, a dematerialized BL (bill of Lading) has been published on one of the Group's eBusiness platforms.

The New Zealand ANL office has thus transmitted to its AFFCO customer an electronic bill of lading without having to double it in a paper version.

With the dematerialized BL, the sender no longer has to send the BL to the receiver by mail: the transfer is done in one click on the eBusiness platform.

The dematerialized BL has the same functions as the traditional BL:

- It certifies the good reception of the loading by the captain.

- It acts as both a contract of carriage and title of the goods transported.

The dematerialized BL is currently in the pilot phase but will soon be offered as an option at the Shipping Instruction stage on the eBusiness platforms of all our subsidiaries. With this successful test, paperless BL becomes a reality.

The BL is a document that appeared between the 14th and the 16th century. Below, a BL of 1804 for a transport of goods between Marseille and Le Havre.