INFORMATION: CMA CGM TOGO participates in a long-term program to avoid the discharge of waste in the sea.



Dear Valued Customers,

CMA CGM Togo joins the NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde (EdM) through its MIAWODO programme and EIFFAGE Group to install and maintain a mechanized collection system to facilitate and sustain waste collection.

This 4th lake allows the city, lacking adequate sanitation infrastructure, to fight against incessant flooding and better protect 300,000 people living around the lagoon system.

Flooding, stagnant rainwater and the lack of appropriate wastewater treatment are recurrent problems in Lomé that disrupt the lives of the inhabitants and their environment. Moreover, the most affected areas are those where the most disadvantaged populations live. A discharge canal has been planned to circulate water and maintain a maximum level in this 4th lake. Unfortunately, this discharge canal drains a significant amount of waste (1,500kg/month) into the sea. The point of rejection of this discharge canal is near the Marcelo Beach in BAGUIDA.

Following a reflection in June 2020 between EIFFAGE and Entrepreneurs du Monde on the damage generated by the waste discharged into the sea, it was decided to set up a system to block the waste.

Between 1 and 3 tons of waste are collected each month and sent to a technical landfill center of AKEPE instead of being in the sea.