Please find below schedule update for week 06 to 09.

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Week Vessel Voyage Import/Export Service ETA ETD
06 CMA CGM MANET 2562SN2 Export only SWAX 09/02 10/02
06 ITAL MATTINA 2904IE Both ASEA 11/02 15/02
06 EMIRATES ASANTE 2582SN Both SWAX 11/02 12/02
07 CSCL BRISBANE 2724IE Both ASEA 18/02 22/02
07 CENTAURUS 2602SN Import SWAX 17/02 17/02
08 CENTAURUS 2602SN2 Export SWAX 23/02 24/02
08 EVER DEVELOP 2744IE Both ASEA 25/02 01/03
08 MARIE DELMAS 028NRN Both NOURA 25/02 27/02
08 NORO 2622SN Import SWAX 24/02 24/02
09 NORO 2622SN2 Export SWAX 02/03 03/03
09 EVER DYNAMIC 2964IE Both ASEA 04/03 08/03
09 JULIE DELMAS 030NRN Both NOURA 04/03 06/03
09 BUSAN TRADER 2842SN Import SWAX 03/03 03/03


SWAX service for shipments to Europe, Mediterranean, US East Coast, Middle East and West India.

ASEA2 service for shipments to Far East, US West Coast, Oceania.

NOURA service for shipments to Somalia (Mogadishu) and Gulf/Middle East.


• Acceptance usually opens 7 days prior to arrival.

• Pre-advising in KPA system has to be done 24 hours before berthing.

• Handing over has to be done before berthing (exception for reefers).

• Late acceptance has to be requested to KPA directly. CMA CGM can assist with a late acceptance request letter.

ASEA2 Service details:

Main Ports served Estimated Transit time from Mombasa
Colombo 8 days
Chennai via Colombo 11 days
Port Kelang 13 days
Tanjung Pelepas 14 days
Singapore 15 days
Hong Kong via Port Kelang 22 days
Kaohsiung via Tanjung Pelepas 22 days
Ho Chi Minh City via Port Kelang 23 days
Busan via Port Kelang 23 days
Qingdao via Port Kelang 25 days
Yokohama via Port Kelang 25 days
Shanghai via Tanjung Pelepas 26 days
(other ports available here)

SWAX Service details:

Main Ports served via Djibouti Estimated Transit time from Mombasa
Jeddah 12 days
Mundra15 days
Damietta15 days
Piraeus17 days
Malta18 days
Mogadishu22 days
Mersin23 days
Livorno24 days
Valencia24 days
Genoa25 days
Port Said25 days
Barcelona26 days
Fos Sur Mer28 days
Algiers30 days
Felixstowe31 days
New York32 days
Hamburg34 days
Rotterdam34 days
Le Havre37 days
Antwerp39 days
(other ports available here)