Export Procedure

Terminal Handling

Standard booking information requirement

Customers are required to provide few mandatory information before the booking teams actually start processing the booking.

When we receive a booking request, we can only start processing once all the complete information is available. Instances where information is missing or incomplete require us to put the booking on hold and request the missing details from customers and only upon provision of these information we can begin the booking process.

Therefore, we have listed the mandatory details that is required to enable efficient handling of your business the first time:

Please click PDF for mandatory informations


VGM Procedures

Customers are required to provide accurate container weights prior to shipping in order to comply with SOLAS procedures introduced worldwide on 1st July 2016. This is known as the Verified Gross Mass (VGM).

The port must have the container weight before loading. It is the customer's responsiblity to provide this information.

The weight may either be:

  • provided directly to the port by the customer
  • provided to CMA CGM for transmission to the port

What will you be charged for?

Customers may incur VGM related costs from CMA CGM and will incur costs from the port of loading.

Costs applied by CMA CGM UK

Emailing VGM data instead of eBusiness submission

Customers will be charged GBP 25 if they choose to submit their VGM by email. This is an administration fee for the extra processing required. Customers will not be charged if they use the CMA CGM website to upload VGM data or automatic solutions like EDI / INTTRA / GT NEXUS / Cargo Smart, or alternatively select a terminal weighing solution directly with the terminal.

Use of CMA CGM's badge code

A Operator code (or equivalent) is a customer identification number that the port uses to apply charges to the correct party. Customers who use their own Operator code may enter their VGM directly into the port system and will be billed directly by the port for any charges incurred – alternatively this code can be supplied at the time of Booking, we would prefer to receive this even if you intend to manage the VGM through the terminal operating systems yourself, as this will help limit any billing issues.

Customers who do not have a badge code may use CMA CGM's badge code for GBP 30 per Bill. Port charges will be invoiced to the customer via CMA CGM instead of directly from the port.

Costs Applied by the Port of Loading

Each port of loading may apply different charges. These may include administration fees or penalties for failure to provide VGM details.

All ports require a VGM declaration 24 hours before advertised vessel arrival.

UK ports will also weigh containers for customers. Customers requesting this option, known as Terminal Determined VGM (TVGM), should do so at time of booking.

The following rates are provided for customer information. They are correct at the time of publication but customers are advised to check the port’s website for any updates.

Terminals will automatically apply a TVGM if one is not supplied at cut-off.

PortPort SystemPort BadgeAdminTVGM
Southampton * CNSSCT1£1.00 *£17.50
London Gateway *CNSLGP1£1.00 *£17.50

* Southampton and London Gateway increase the admin fee to £3 if the VGM is not supplied before gate in

** Included within CMA CGM THC charge.

¥ Teesport increase the TVGM fee to £64.18 if a TVGM is requested after the container has entered the storage areas.

Please note that if the difference between the declared VGM and the weight measured by the port the port will apply the TVGM and may charge an additional penalty fee. The tolerance is usually 5% or 500kg whichever occurs first. Terminals charges for incorrectly declared weights are available on their websites

Customers who would prefer not get involved directly in the VGM process may use our logistics partner CC LOGISTICS to arrange everything on their behalf.

MailCC Logistics


Customer has VGMCustomer has Badge CodeVGM determined byVGM Submitted byChargesCustomer invoiced by
NONOCustomer will be referred to CC Log to weigh the unitCC LogAgreed between the customer and CC LogCC Log
YESNOShipper will already have a VGM and will provide to CMA CGMCMA CGMGBP 30 applied by CMA CGM for use of CMA Badge Code. Additional port charges will be passed on at costCMA CGM
NOYESThe Port will weigh the unit on requestPortAgreed between the customer and the portPort
YESYESShipper records weight in the port system or provides weight to CMA CGMShipperCharges will be issued from the port against badge code provided.Port