Merchant Haulage Changes at Feeder Ports

With immediate effect the following UK Ports will implement an pre-exec procedure in line with all major UK ports: Liverpool, Immingham, Teesport, Grangemouth and Greenock. Relevant details must be sent to the below email addresses:

Port Contact Tel Contact Email
Liverpool 0151 224 7808 lpl.liverpoolexec@cma-cgm.com
Immingham 0151 224 7941 lpl.imminghamexec@cma-cgm.com
Teesport 0151 224 7941 lpl.teesportexec@cma-cgm.com
Grangemouth 0151 224 7941 lpl.grangemouthexec@cma-cgm.com
Greenock 0151 224 7839 lpl.greenockexec@cma-cgm.com

The email must be received by 17:00 on the day prior to planned arrival or there will be delays/refusal of lift into the port, therefore please ensure compliance to the above