Export Detention and Demurrage Increase

From 1st September 2016 Detention and Demurrage charges will be increased by GBP 2 per TEU per day.

TYPEFREE TIME (days)AFTER FREE TIME20' Unit (GBP)20' Unit (GBP)40' Unit (GBP)40' Unit (GBP)
Current RatesFrom 1/9/16Current RatesFrom 1/9/16
Standard10from 11th to 12th14162832
from 13th to 17th24264448
from 18th onwards41437781
Hazardous10from 11th to 12th21234246
from 13th to 17th36386670
from 18th onwards6264116120
Reefer7from 8th to 12th41434145
from 13th onwards81838185
Special Equipment10from 11th to 12th20223842
from 13th to 17th31335660
from 18th onwards39417175