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Want to improve document accuracy, security and accessibility as well as reducing your document completion time?

Well, you can by streamlining your document workflow with our easy to use single interface eBusiness Documentation Centre. This service eliminates all your documentation hassles offering you visibility and control of your shipping documents.

Upload, find, view, save, extract and print all your shipping documents simply in one place and systematically save your business time, money and paper!

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Our system offers an effective and efficient way to manage all your eShipping Confirmations, Bills of Lading, Arrival Notices, Delivery Orders and Invoices – all in one place:

  • Access your shipment information on your smart phone, tablet or desktop from anywhere in the world.
  • Customize dashboards to reflect your specific shipments.
  • Maintain visibility on your documents.
  • Receive email notifications or alerts when documents are available.
  • View and print your Booking Confirmations, Drafts, Waybills, Original bills and un-freighted Arrival notices from the website.
  • Save cost on courier fees by printing OBLs from our secure website. We offer you an efficient way of printing your BLs remotely.
  • Approve or request changes to your Draft BLs on your screen. The changes are submitted directly to our documentation offices for amendments


To see how easy it is to manage your documentation by using our integrated product visit our online portal at eBusiness portal.

Laurent Calvino


Regional Director - East Coast South America - CMA CGM Group

Our eBusiness platform is constantly enhanced with new features to better meet the expectations of our customers.

In this respect, the latest developments for the online documentation center received an extremely favorable feedback from our customers.

The customers now have the freedom to access all of their documents online when they want. They can get their bills of lading, waybills , arrival notices, or delivery orders via one single access point. This is a significant added value especially in Brazil where regulatory constraints are extremely present.

In fact, our customers are becoming more used to extracting their documents online as well as printing them. They appreciate the training and personalized support provided by the regional eCommerce teams.

By meeting the needs of our customers, the platform generates, at an agency level, less requests for our teams. We focus on functions with higher added value and still give a high level of service to our customers.

Congratulations to the eBusiness team for the constant improvements.

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