United States

Ocean Alliance powered by CMA CGM, the leading offer in the U.S. market

Ocean Alliance

In recent years, CMA CGM in the United States has grown to become an industry leader, consistently outgrowing the market using an approach centered on customer service, integrity, and innovation. With the launch of the Ocean Alliance, CMA CGM America offers the best service ever on both coasts.

CMA CGM in the USA

  • The group has been active in the USA since 1995
  • 850 staff members
  • 22 offices in USA West and East coast
  • Global coverage to over 150 countries around the world

OCEAN ALLIANCE: the best offering in the USA

  • 25 Ocean Alliance services from/to USA
  • 27 weekly call on the West Coast serving 122 ports pairs
  • 52 weekly call on the East Coast and Gulf Coast serving 281 port pairs
  • 3 terminals controlled by CMA CGM: Miami, Houston and Long Beach
  • 2 terminals controlled by the Group : Los Angeles and Dutch Harbor

The fastest transit time

  • From Southeast Asia to Pacific South/North West America and to Gulf of Mexico
  • From Central China / Taiwan to Pacific South/North West America, to North/south Atlantic and to Gulf of Mexico
  • From South China / Hong Kong to Pacific North West, North Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico
  • From North China/ Korea to Pacific North West, to South Atlantic and to Gulf of Mexico

Thousands of inland connections

Covering all of North America, CMA CGM’s intermodal network is second to none when it comes to door-to-door transportation. In addition to the direct ports served, CMA CGM offers a wide range of intermodal solutions utilizing our extensive rail and truck networks, allowing a door-to-door connectivity with virtually any location on the continent. By controlling every link in the transport chain and tracking every consignment, CMA CGM ensures that its customers’ cargo is delivered safely and securely :

  • 46 Primary ramps all rail connected
  • A partnership with major rail service providers (BNSF and Union Pacific)
  • A fast and reliable service into the heart of North America
  • Regular double-stack trains connecting the East and West Coasts to all Inland destination
  • All motor solution for coastal final destination.
  • Combined Rail-Motor for door services
  • Reefer expertise
  • Hot Box status for THROUGH BL


  • The largest allocation of the Ocean Alliance members to offer space in critical times
  • Dedicated customer service with the expertise to handle large and small clients
  • Full suite of e-services for ease of doing business
  • Ample equipment fleet to handle all client’s needs
  • Specialization in reefers with dedicated experts to help customers with their needs
  • Dedicated services to/from USGC, adapting to the needs of the market
  • Financial strength to be there for customers for the long term.

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