Exports Procedures


Our eBusiness platform, an integrated business management solution

We have customized our eBusiness platform for effective management of your transport information and to personalize your account. Our customers can manage the entire lifecycle of their shipments online, through our sophisticated systems, which are unparalleled and above industry standards!

Manage all your shipment information through a single access point, enabling end-to-end management of your transport chain. View, create, amend and re-use your shipment information, as per your requirement, at all stages of the shipping life-cycle:

Routing Finder

Quotation Request



Shipping Instruction

Follow-up documents

Shipment Tracking

Invoicing Drafts

Notification Setup

Through the platform, you can start creating an account, and then request a booking, review your drafts and much more!

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Additional administrative fee

Invoice amendment

Payment procedure

Payments with check

Returns to customers