Client Advisory - Suez Canal

Dear Customer,

Following the on-going incident in the Suez Canal, CMA CGM Group is thoroughly monitoring the situation in close contact with its local teams and the Suez Canal’s authorities.

Refloating attempts have been carried out by the owners of the vessel in coordination with the concerned authorities. However, many ships are currently waiting for passage.

Queuing vessels

Please see below the list of CMA CGM and partner vessels currently impacted:

buques atrasados

The list of impacted vessels will be regularly updated on our website: www.cma-cgm.com

For your cargo in transit, we are working on our schedule recovery plans after transit passage to limit delay at destination.

Diverted vessels

To mitigate the impact of the incident on your shipments, the CMA CGM Group has decided to divert some vessels around the Cape of Good Hope. Please see below the list of diverted vessels. Regular updates of this list will be available on www.cma-cgm.com.

buques desviados

Alternatives for cargo yet to be loaded

For cargo yet to be loaded, we are considering alternative maritime routes, rail services or airfreight solutions with CMA CGM AIR CARGO. We will keep you updated as these options become available.

Should you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact your local CMA CGM agency.

Kindest Regards,