Local Charges

Local charges 2

Local Charges

In order to keep you duly informed, we communicate, below, the Uruguayan charges in place (subject to change).

Local Charges - since Jan/15/21 until Jun/30/21

To find the associated basic freight please see: Price Finder

Bunker related surcharges, the Peak Season Charges and similar charges and the Security related surcharges may also apply and are accessible at: Charges Finder

Other charges such as contingency charges and local charges may be applicable.

Demurrage & Detention

Our Detention & Demurrage can be found on the following link.

Demurrage: This charge will be levied when the Customer holds CMA CGM equipment inside the terminal for longer than the agreed free days and is applicable to all containers that remain at the terminal longer than the agreed free time.
Detention: Detention charges will be levied when the Customer holds CMA CGM equipment outside the terminal longer than the agreed free time : it is applicable throughout the duration of Customer’s possession of CMA CGM container(s) in his custody, and until its safe return to CMA CGM.
"Free time": period of time allowed to the client free of charge, covering both the Demurrage period and the Detention period. After this period, additional charges, not limited to Demurrage and Detention, must be paid to the Carrier.

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