Vietnam Inland Solutions – Intermodal Services

Our teams are available to provide you with the inland solutions to meet your specific requirements; including the organized pick-up and delivery of cargo, minimized delays, optimized safety and security of transport conditions.

CMA CGM Strengths

CMA CGM is able to offer to clients an extensive inland solution coverage main loading ports and any inland destinations in Vietnam.

Reliable inland road and barge / truck connections to/ from three Key Economic Zones:

- Northern KEZ (Hanoi City, Quang Ninh Province)

- Central KEZ (Da Nang City, Binh Dinh Province)

- Southern KEZ (Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau Province, Binh Duong Province)

Daily frequency for barge services between:

- ICDs and Main Terminals – CMIT Port (VNVUT)

- Ho Chi Minh, Cai Mep and Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Max weight limitation: 28 Tons (Cargo + Tare), please feel free to contact CMA CGM Vietnam if over-dimensions and overweight cargo enquired.

Pre-advise of 24 hours prior to have the transport performed (depend on equipment availability).

Customs clearance can be done at ports of origin for export and ports of discharge for import.

For dedicated intermodal solutions, please contact your local sales representative.

Our contacts:

Ms TRAN Phan Ngoc Bao

(Import / Export / Commercial)

Mr TRUONG Dien Vinh

(ILS Supervisor)


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