Vietnam: Mandatory Advance Cargo Information Declaration for Export Shipments to Egypt

Dear Valued Customers,

In accordance with the Egyptian Customs Law #207, please be reminded that Advance Cargo Information Declaration (ACID) is mandatory for all export shipments to Egypt since 1 October 2021.

Submission of all mandatory information as per the Egyptian Customs requirement should be done during the submission of Shipping Instruction (SI). If the submission is incomplete, your cargo will NOT be loaded on the vessel and all related costs will be on customer’s account.

Enforcement date for all shipments as from 1st of October 2021 (date of Loading at POL – based on “Shipped On Board” date)

• ACID registration number:

- To be obtained by customers before loading (date of issuance or registration must be before the loading date mentioned on Bill of Lading (BL)) and to be provided by customers during SI

- When submitting SI, customers must provide the letter received by email from Egypt Customs Authorities (including ACID number) to confirm that ACID registration has been accepted

- Format should be 19 characters (only numeric)

- ACID number to be printed on BL and Cargo Manifest under cargo description

- For consolidated cargo, the respective ACID number(s) related to each House BL must be inserted in CMA CGM Master BL

 No ACID Number = NO LOAD

• ACID Registration Number is not required for:

- Personal effects

- Postal parcels

- Security services and agencies (Police & Ministry of Defense)

- Members of the foreign diplomatic and consular corps, on condition of reciprocity, according to the data of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• Tax number of Shipper and Consignee to be provided by customer during SI submission (Egyptian Importer VAT Number; Exporter (Shipper) Registration Number)

• HS code (6 digits) is mandatory. It must be printed on BL and Cargo Manifest

Should you have any further inquiries or questions about this adjustment, please do not hesitate to contact our Documentation team at email:

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