SI cut-off notice for National Unification Day & Int. Labor Day 2020

Holidays Notice

Dear Valued Customers,

Please be advised that our office will be closed from Thursday, 30st April 2020 till the end of Sunday, 03rd May 2020 for National Unification Day & International Labor Day

Our office will resume working on Monday, 04th May 2020 as normal.

In order to ensure safe and reliable service delivery to the customers during the coming holidays, CMA CGM Vietnam would need your co-operations and assistance in sending your Final Shipping Instruction by following cut-off time:

Vessel Name Voyage ETD SERVICE SI Cut-off
KMTC POHANG 2006S Fri 01-May-20 KVX-SB ➢ 11.59AM dd 29/04/2020
LORRAINE 20005N Fri 01-May-20 NCX ➢ 09.00AM dd 29/04/2020
JITRA BHUM 303N Fri 01-May-20 RBC ➢ 11.59AM dd 29/04/2020
TEERA BHUM 225S Fri 01-May-20 RHS ➢ 11.59AM dd 29/04/2020
SINOTRANS BANGKOK 2017N Fri 01-May-20 CV5 ➢ 11.59AM dd 29/04/2020
OPHELIA 0BP02N1NC Fri 01-May-20 CVC ➢ 11.59AM dd 29/04/2020
THORSTAR 20004N Sun 03-May-20 JMV ➢ 11.59AM dd 29/04/2020
KOTA JAYA 0116S Sun 03-May-20 SSL ➢ 15.00PM dd 29/04/2020
WILLIAM 0TV5ON1NC Mon 04-May-20 JTV ➢ 11.59AM dd 29/04/2020
LADY OF LUCK 128S Mon 04-May-20 SSL ➢ 15.00PM dd 29/04/2020
INCRES 318S Mon 04-May-20 X-PRESS ➢ 15.00PM dd 29/04/2020
MCC NINGBO 018S Mon 04-May-20 AD HOC ➢ 15.00PM dd 29/04/2020
MARIVIA 018S Mon 04-May-20 MCC SE2 ➢ 15.00PM dd 29/04/2020
BELITA 0PG6PE1MA Tue 05-May-20 PEX 3 ➢ 15.00PM dd 29/04/2020
X-PRESS KHYBER 0AR0GN1NC Tue 05-May-20 NCX2 ➢ Advance filing shipment: 15.00PM dd 29/04/2020 ➢ Non-advance filing shipment: 11.59AM dd 04/05/2020
MCC NINGBO 018S Wed 06-May-20 3RD MCC SE1 ➢ 15.00PM dd 29/04/2020
LIOBA 026N Wed 06-May-20 RNV ➢ Advance filing shipment: 15.00PM dd 29/04/2020 ➢ Non-advance filing shipment: 11.59AM dd 05/05/2020
TR ARAMIS 0CGS3N1NC4-May JTVS ➢ 17.00PM dd 29/04/2020
CSCL CALLAO054N2-May CV2 SN ➢ 11.59AM dd 29/04/2020

We would like to highlight that your adherence to above deadline is of utmost importance for us to strictly comply with the 24-hour Rule and to avoid shut-outs in transhipment ports and cargo misrout/ings as well as charges incurred as a result of untimely verification of your cargo's destination. Any charges incurred due to late submission will be at your accounts.

Your kind attention and co-operation would be much appreciated !

Sincerely yours,

CMA CGM Vietnam JSC.

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