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OCEAN ALLIANCE: The new Alliance powered by CMA CGM

Winter 2016 / 2017

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Rodolphe SAADE - Vice-Chairman CMA CGM Group

Mr Salem

Major changes are under way in the container shipping sector. The past year has seen the start of an unprecedented wave of consolidation, leading to a series of takeovers and mergers.



OCEAN ALLIANCE: an unparalleled offer for our customers

OAThrough this new alliance signed with three leading Asian shipping companies, in the spring of 2017 the group will be able to deliver an unparalleled range of services on the main global shipping routes with more frequent trips, more calls than ever before (especially on trans-pacific lines) and even better service quality. Powered by CMA CGM, the alliance will deliver the best of shipping to the group’s customers.



Prioritizing Safety in the CMA CGM network

Dauphins Throughout the world, ensuring the safety of all 29,000 CMA CGM employees is a top group priority. Whether they are combating security, health or natural risks, teams based at the head office work around the clock to monitor and anticipate threats. CMA CGM is committed to protecting its employees and businesses, wherever they might be in the world.



APL, the integration is underway

Dauphins In acquiring APL, the CMA CGM Group is adding a high-quality brand to its global range of services and extending its business lines at a time when the sector is undergoing consolidation and alliances are changing. From Marseilles to Singapore and everywhere in between, the teams are standing by, ready to make sure this acquisition is a success.



CMA CGM Cargo Insurance customized to meet any need

Dauphins On land and at sea, it is vital to insure container shipments against all the risks that can occur during shipping. Available in most countries, our competitive insurance policy covers the full value of the cargo. CMA CGM offers customers the chance to quickly and easily sign up for this coverage when they pay for shipping. Read on to learn more...



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