Services Updates

CMA CGM to improve its Europe-Africa Lines

Pursuing its service upgrade strategy on its Africa Lines, CMA CGM informs of significant service improvements on two of its services connecting Europe with West Africa:

  • WAZZAN service dedicated to Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia markets becomes weekly
  • Transit time ex-Europe to Banjul is improved by 6 days (ex: Antwerp-Banjul in 18 days)
  • Direct weekly service from Casablanca to Dakar is performed in 10 days
  • In parallel to these changes, EURAF 3 improves its reliability on West Africa Northern range


Starting in Algeciras on December 6th, 2015, with m/v DELMAS SWALA, WAZZAN service improves its frequency and port coverage. Service becomes weekly and port coverage is extended to Banjul (Gambia).

Connections with Northern European ports on EURAF 1 and West Mediterranean ports on EURAF 4 gain in efficiency and rapidity through Mediterranean hubs.

Port coverage is now the following:

Algeciras - Tanger Med - Nouakchott - Dakar - Banjul - Nouadhibou - Las Palmas - Casablanca - Algeciras



In order to improve reliability, coverage has been concentrated on the following ports: Tanger Med - Algeciras - Freetown - Conakry - Monrovia - Tanger Med


For further information, please contact your CMA CGM local agent.