Invoice Dashboard @ CMA CGM eBusiness – Another milestone, enriching the customer experience!


CMA CGM eBusiness has continued its much anticipated foray into the next level of service engagements with customers. The service inclusion of Invoice Dashboard, launched on 26th January, 2016 is allowing customers to manage their invoices. The move offers benefits of visibility and access to Freight, Detention & Demurrage and deposit invoices.

At CMA CGM, it is our endeavor to be a step ahead in offering the highest standards in customer experience. The launch of Invoice Dashboard is a significant leap in this direction, assuring information visibility to our clientele on their Invoices, available 24 X 7.

The Interactive Dashboard gives 360° view on Invoices and incorporates attractive service features for you

eInvoice Dashboard

  • All eInvoices in one single Dashboard
  • Sorting, filtering and grouping capacities with the usage of customizable views of invoices
  • Placing the invoice information in the context of its related shipment
  • Invoice payment status Information
  • Capacity to mass print invoices or export to PDF/XLS

The Invoice Detail page provides visibility on the whole invoice lifecycle

eInvoice Detail

  • Time line showing the initial invoice and the potential adjustements credits
  • One-click access to all the invoices related to the current shipment
  • Visibility on the Invoice PDF and possibility to download it

Integrated in the Online Business center
, you will benift from our existing services

  • Notifications received by email or in the Notification Center.
  • Online Access to 2 years invoice history
  • Access your invoices through Import/Export or Document Dashboard but also in the Shipment detail page

advantage eInvoice

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