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It is with great pleasure that the CMA CGM Group announces new functions offered by our eBusiness platform.

  • eBusiness Menu: Redesigned for more clarity
  • Booking Request: Improved navigation
  • Notification Module: New notified events
  • Draft BL Review: Enhanced ergonomics
  • Local Website: 7 new local sites

eBusiness Menu – Redesigned for more clarity

The addition of new modules to our platform has resulted in the expansion of the eBusiness menu. We have decided to rationalize this menu to improve its clarity and enable you to easily access the essential functions of our eBusiness Platform.

The new menu has decreased from 8 to 6 sub categories:

Shipment visibility: In this category you will find pages enabling you to monitor your shipments such as shipment tracking, import/export dashboard, My Homepage or the notification centre.

Profile: Access to all functions pertaining to account management or support requests follow up.

Schedules: In this category you will find pages to allow you to prepare your shipment such as routing finder, port schedule or eco calculator.

Tariffs: Access these pages to see all the tariff information available online as well as to the shipment or cargo insurance quotation requests.

Booking / shipping instructions: Submission and follow up of bookings or shipping instructions are grouped within this sub category.

Documents: The document dashboard as well as the bill of lading or invoices specific pages are accessible from this sub category.

Booking Request – Improved navigation

Increasing your efficiency is at the heart of our eBusiness Platform evolution. We have continuously improved the platform over time, notably with drafts and templates management. The booking request becomes even simpler with new navigation.

When modifying a booking, updating a draft or using a template, you can now navigate back and forth between the various steps of the booking process without having to validate intermediate steps. Discover this new possibility in our Booking Tutorial.

Booking Request – Improved navigation

Notification Module – New notified events

Our Notification Module is the most efficient way to remain as up to date as possible on the status of your shipments. A key element in successful shipment planning, this module is enriched with three new notifications. You can now receive an alert for the following events:

  • Cutoff date change at port of loading: we inform you whenever we modify the deadline date when the container has to be brought to the terminal.
  • Missing container at port of loading: this notifications alerts you if your container hasn’t yet been brought to the loading terminal 2 days prior to cutoff date.
  • Container available at depot: we inform you that your empty container is available for you to pick up at the depot.

We have also improved the ergonomics of the notification module. Its updated design will enable you to you use it as easily on your smartphone as you do on your PC.

Draft BL Review – Enhanced ergonomics

A key moment in the preparation of your shipment, the drawing up of the bill of lading is always subject to exchanges between you and your agent. The bill of lading draft online review is designed to ease this process.

To guarantee that the bill of lading will be drawn up exactly the way you want it, we have enhanced this review tool by providing you with a “WYSIWYG” (What you see is what you get) visualization of the modification you requested.

Draft BL Review

Local Websites – 7 new local sites

As a true global carrier, it has always been a priority for CMA CGM to remain close to local businesses. Since the launch of the new website 2 years ago, we have constantly increased the number of local sites accessible through the Local Office menu.

In this release, we are proud to announce the launch of 7 new sites for the following CMA CGM agencies: Ethiopia, Djibouti, Finland, Martinique, Norway, Uruguay and Mozambique.

7 new sites

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