CMA CGM eBusiness platform is now fully operational to handle your VGM submission

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In view of the new SOLAS regulation that comes into force on July 1st 2016, the CMA CGM eBusiness platform is now ready to receive your VGM submissions from today. As safety, compliance and efficiency is key, all submissions via our platform are FREE of charge.

Easy submission

Let us first guide you through the necessary steps to submit your VGM with your eBusiness account:

1/ Prepare your upload

To avoid additional workload and manual keying, you can easily download a Pre-Filled Excel Template from our website containing Booking Reference, Container Reference and Tare Weight.

  • Select your containers under your new VGM dashboard or
  • Right after your Shipping Instructions or
  • Input shipment or container references in the Download Excel Template section If you are not a party on the Bill of Lading (B/L), you can download an empty template and submit the VGM by keying your shipment reference and container number plus the VGM Data.

upload vgm print screen en

2/ Upload your VGM

As time is important in this process, your Excel Template will then be evaluated by our platform. If there are errors they will be reported to you in red with a meaningful error message that will help you fix the problem. This ensures a complete & correct VGM is communicated to the terminal on time.

Upon submission, your VGM Dashboard will show the status of these shipments as “Submitted”.

Integrated visibility

CMA CGM eBusiness allows you to track the SOLAS status of your containers in a single view.

  • Status of your VGM uploads: in 1-hour you will know if your submission has been validated.
  • Missing VGM containers to be submitted before cut-off date: you can filter and sort columns as needed to isolate the shipments for which the VGM is still pending.

At any time you can modify any submitted VGM from this dashboard.

vgm dashboard

What’s next?

Enhancing our platform is a strong emphasis for CMA CGM; from mid-July you will be able to key your VGM directly through an online form.

vgm form new

Other solutions

In addition to our in-house electronic platform, you can submit your VGM through 3rd party portals and also through Direct EDI connection using our standard VERMAS format.

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