Services Updates

CAGEMA services swap Pointe à Pitre and Fort de France

Commencing August 3rd, 2013, with MV SHIPPAN ISLAND (Voy. UA775S) on CAGEMA MAINLINER and August 6th, 2013, with MV SHAMROCK (Voy. IS452R) on CAGEMA INTERISLANDS, the fine-tuning of CAGEMA services consists in swapping Pointe à Pitre and Fort de France calls.

CMA CGM CAGEMA MAINLINER will be operated along following schedule:

New York (Sat) - Norfolk (Mon) - Savannah (Wed) - Jacksonville (Thu) – Miami (Fri) – Kingston (Sun) – Rio Haina (Wed) – San Juan (Thu) – Philipsburg (Fri) – Fort de France (Sat) – Vieux Fort (Sun) – Point Lisas (Tue) – Port of Spain (Tue) – Bridgetown (Fri) – St John’s (Sat) – New York.

CMA CGM CAGEMA INTERISLANDS will be operated along following schedule:

Pointe à Pitre (Tue)[/b] – Roseau (Wed) – Port of Spain (Thu) – Point Lisas (Fri) – Saint George’s (Sat) – Campden Park (Sat) – Vieux Fort (Sun) – Castries (Mon) – Pointe à Pitre.

Immediate advantages of this new combination for CMA CGM’s customers are:

  • an improved reliability on both rotations,
  • an improved transit time to Fort de France by 5 days on CAGEMA MAINLINER (including Miami - Fort de France within 8 days),
  • a limited increase of transit time to Pointe à Pitre by 2 days (including Miami - Pointe à Pitre within 11 days via Vieux Fort).

For more information, please contact your local CMA CGM office.