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It is with great pleasure that the CMA CGM Group announces new functions offered by our eBusiness platform:

  • Add your comments on BL draft modification
  • Be notified of VGM integration
  • Forward to our documentation department your document in Word, Excel, PDF, JPG format
  • Consult latest shipping news on your eBusiness Dashboard

Communication made easier with BL Draft Modification

In addition to the possibility to modify your draft BL online, we added a new box called Additional Comments to insert all of your information necessary to the draft modification. If you want to add information on the parties, payment information, or any special instruction, this new functionality will make your draft modification easier and faster.

Any comment can be integrated in this small box which appears at the bottom of your draft review, under the condition that you have created an eBusiness account and you have required the BL package.

draft review box comments

To validate your comments, click on Submit.

To discover this new functionality, please visit eBusiness > Documents > Draft to be reviewed

Save time by uploading new documents formats

CMA CGM eBusiness platform developed its tool to upload documents. Until now, only PDF formats were accepted.

As from now, you can also submit Doc, XLS, and JPEG formats via our tool of submission. Any document can be added to your shipment : LOI, packing list, documentation credit or any certificate, picture or document.

To access this functionality, you have to be connected to your eBusiness account, so visit eBusiness > Shipment Dashboard, click on a Booking number and access to the below screen:

upload new document resized

Once you have clicked on Upload New Document, the following screen appears. Click on Select file and Upload

upload new document

Save time with our tools

Thanks to the new update you can now download your BLs in separated PDF documents. Previously, all the PDF were in only one PDF document.

To discover this enhancement visit eBusiness > Document > Document Dashboard.

Select several documents and click on Mass Download, and then Download. All the documents will be displayed; you will have to save them.

download in mass resized

VGM integration notification in one simple click

This new notification will make your VGM transmission easier. It enables you to check if your VGM declaration has been successfully transmitted.

To subscribe to this notification, connect to your eBusiness account to eBusiness > Account Management > Notification Set up > Select VGM Validated

Once you have clicked on Notification Setup, a screen will appear, where you can choose the method of notification.

notification set up resised

You can select the type of notification required (either website dashboard alert or by email).

Stay informed of our local news

Visit your Agency local web site. CMA CGM Group provides you with local breaking news on Shipping : Exhibitions, New Regulations, Job offers, Export/Import information, Events… It includes: images, videos, Interviews... To get access to your Local news directly on your eBusiness dashboard eBusiness > My Homepage, you require an eBusiness account.

To set up your account with your local news you just have to drag and drop the tile Local news.

Menu local news

If your agency does not yet have a local web site, this will be available shortly, contact your local agency for more information.

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