Ports and Terminals

Notice to customers: UN port code change for Shekou Container Terminals Ltd. and Chiwan Container Terminal Co., Ltd.

Dear clients,

China Merchants Shenzhen Western Terminals, operated by China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited, announced the following changes to the following UN port codes:

Shekou Container Terminals Ltd. (UN port code CNSHK), Chiwan Container TerminalCo., Ltd.(UN port code CNCWN) will uniformly use UN port code CNSHK.

CNSHK is the unified Port Code for vessels calling SCT/CCT/MCT, and Terminal Identifications (SCT/CCT/MCT) contained in EDI messages which is still applied to recognize terminal facilities during the following EDI exchange between terminal and carriers and via EDI platform as well as hardcopy document(EIR):

  1. Vessel Stowage (BAPLIE, MOVINS)
  2. Pre-gate (COPARN/IFTMBC)
  3. Gate In/Out Movements (CODECO)
  4. Loading/Discharge Movements (COARRI)
  5. Loading Confirmation (COPRAR)
  7. Arrival Report (SSM)

This adjustment will not affect shipping agency-related customs declaration documents, data transmission to/from Shenzhen EDI Center & CM Port Shenzhen Western Port customs.