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CMA CGM is pleased to inform our customers about the enhancements in the latest version of our eBusiness platform. New developments include:

Whatever the 3rd party platform used, keep updated !

The enhancement is quite simple: whatever the 3rd party platform used to place your booking or your SI, you can find them using your eBusiness account. (print screen below/ "Dashboard / My bookings).


You can still consult all your company’s shipments, but each employees can filter their notifications to only their own transactions, even those placed using another 3rd party platform.

When subscribing to your own bookings, you can be notified in real time on your loadings.

You can nevertheless use the same email address than your eBusiness account during your transactions with external 3rd party platform.

With this new functionality, customize the website notifications to get only the information that you need which will let you focus on the most important thing: your shipments.

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To view your dashboard, connect to eBusiness > Booking Dashboard or eBusiness > Shipment Visibility > My shipment dashboard and select "My bookings". Do not forget to register to the eBusiness Notifications and to select the filter to your own shipments in eBusiness > Account Management > Notifications Setup

For additionnal information on our services, you can consultour tutorials or contact the support.

Find all your Export documents on line

You had already access to your booking confirmations and your BLs, to complete the documents necessary to follow your Export Shipment, we have added the following documents: Release confirmation, Loading confirmation, General export Notice from your eBusiness account.

You can now access to these Export documents in your eBusiness account.

Advantages of the system :

  • Save time: As soon as the document is ready it will be, it will be automatically updated in your eBusiness account
  • Consult and download them at any time
  • Sort them by "document type" to download them in mass
  • You will receive a notification which indicate the document is available with the attached document by email. No need to subscribe, you will received it automatically by default for your own shipments

Documents dashboard

To access to your Document Dashboards, you can connect to your eBusiness account eBusiness > Documents > Document Dashboard. To easier your access to your document, your can filter by category.

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