Rules and Regulations

Canadian regulation for dangerous goods

CMA CGM wishes to inform its customers of an applicable regulation on dangerous goods. Certain of dangerous goods to Canada need an Emergency Response Assistant Plan (ERAP).

This plan is intended to assist local emergency responders by providing them with technical experts and specialized equipment at the accident site. It is shippers/importers responsibility to obtain the ERAP number and the 24 hours Emergency contact number.

To check whether or not your dangerous goods need an ERAP number please follow the link:

Please indicate the UN of the commodity. ERAP index is mentioned in the column 7 of the above document. If there is no figure, the commodity does not need an ERAP. If a figure appears, it is the total weight or total capacity which the dangerous goods must have an ERAP. In that case, the ERAP number, provided by Canadian authorities, and the 24 hours Emergency contact number must be mentioned in the dangerous goods declaration.

For more information, please contact your local CMA CGM office.