My CMA CGM, your digital customer journey

With My CMA CGM, you are now able to organize, follow and manage your shipments from anywhere in the world. You can boost your productivity with a broad range of functionalities that will effectively streamline the entire shipping process and make your shipping experience easier.



Our teams and network innovate constantly to improve the quality of our services and meet your needs. Our services are designed to maximize your productivity. We strive to help you save time and boost your performance while offering a whole new experience in modern shipping.

The CMA CGM Group aims at using digital solutions to transform and ease the customer experience through a 100% digital, multi-channel offer of products and services covering all aspects of the transport business:

  • Routes: A wide range of tools to help you organize your shipment, from checking routes and port schedules, to calculating the carbon footprint of your shipment.
  • Prices: A complete set of tools is available to guide you through the pricing process: check your negotiated rates or get an instant quote if no contract is referenced. And also search for inland prices and detention & demurrage rates.
  • Preparation: Our VGM tools and tare finder guide you through the preparation of your shipment and facilitate the process.
  • Documents: All your export and import documents can be accessed from your dashboard, 24/7. You can view and correct your draft BLs and sea waybills, but also print your original bills of lading and sea waybills. BILL OF LADING paperless offers you a fully digital bill of lading.
  • Visibility: All information on your shipment can be accessed through a single dashboard, container tracking tool and notification system. You can also download our mobile apps to follow your shipment from anywhere.
  • Finance: All of your invoices and their status can be viewed at a glance from a single dashboard – and payment can be made online in certain countries.


  • Multi Carrier: Enjoy the ease of a single gateway for all CMA CGM Group platforms: My CMA CGM, My APL, My ANL and My CNC. Switch between our websites using the same login and password.
  • Data Quality: Use intuitive and interactive tools for auto data check, which helps avoid manual errors and improve quality.
  • Customer Care: Benefit from our customer assistance in 5 languages, 24/7, and get access to the entire CMA CGM Group network through a single portal.
  • Traceability: Enjoy complete traceability thanks to electronic transactions and regular alerts and notifications.
  • Self Service: Access all your shipment data in one place, anytime, including dashboards that can be configured to meet your needs.
  • Customization: Customize your shipment dashboard to view only the items you are interested in.


- CLICK & BOOK: The fastest way to place your booking.

"Click & Book" allows you to place Port-to-Port bookings for one or multiple types of cargo, dry or reefer containers (operating/non-operating). A selection of value-added services will also be suggested. Your most frequent booking requests can be reused; select them on the right hand-side of your screen. You can start typing in either POL or POD and the reuse option will be displayed accordingly.

- MY PRICES: All your rates in one click

“My Prices” is a new feature through which you will be able to consult all your existing quotations online and also obtain new instant quotations when no reference is available.

- EPAYMENT: Review & pay your invoices online!

Accessible from your Invoice Dashboard, you can enter your company payment details and pay in a few clicks. You therefore optimize your process with a secure, fast and easy online payment. You also enjoy enhanced visibility on your invoices’ status. This feature is deployed progressively in various countries.


SHIPMENT DASHBOARD allows you to get a centralized view of your shipments. It gives you access to all information per shipment or per container. You save time by having all information related to your shipment and container visible in a single dashboard while optimizing your process (schedule, extract and customize reports…).


In addition to our eBusiness platforms and the wide range of products they provide, we offer alternative solutions to cover all your needs. EDI Direct (Electronic Data Interchange) and API (Application Programming Interface) ensure direct and secure information flow between your information systems and those of the CMA CGM Group. Both boost the efficiency of all your transactions by allowing easy online exchange of documents and data.

The CMA CGM Group also offers a single digital access point to a wide range of third-party portals.

Our team is available to help you find the solution that suits you best.

Learn more: http://www.cma-cgm.com/my-cma-cgm