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OCEAN ALLIANCE | The best of shipping

OCEAN ALLIANCE is the largest operational agreement ever made between shipping companies. The offer combines both efficiency and reliability for an unmatched quality of service.

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At CMA CGM, it’s all about customers’ satisfaction, how to meet and exceed their expectations. At CMA CGM, customers are placed at the heart of our corporate strategy. CMA CGM Customer care is to develop and create series of secured and safe services and fast moving solutions that CMA CGM designed to enhance the level of our customer satisfaction.

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At CMA CGM, our global organization is geared to offer the best solution to our customers’ transportation requirements whichever, wherever, making safety and security top priority in our operations.

At CMA CGM, our global organization is committed to a corporate environmental strategy of which protection of the environment is an integral part.

At CMA CGM, we understand that the best service requires the best tools in the trade, hence our modern and innovative vessel fleet, our latest generation containers, our efficient IT operating systems.

CMA CGM Global Organization is more than 200 line services calling every week over 420 in countries, supported by more than 755 offices and agencies manned by dedicated professionals providing 24/7 responsive service relying on local and global expertise and personalized relationship.

Our Customer care commitments:

  • Be “Customer - Centric"
  • Develop secure ,safe and fast-moving solutions
  • Apply industry best practices
  • Go above and beyond compliance with relevant rules and regulations
  • Establish and improve safety, security and environment objectives and targets
  • Use energy and materials efficiently and apply innovative measures to reduce waste and emissions
  • Continue to progress in sustainability with our customers
  • Proactively promote a safety culture
  • Continually re-assess and upgrade our SSE commitments

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support

Connect to your eBusiness portal 24/7

  • Book a container
  • Follow shipments 24/7
  • Prepare BL (SI, Draft…)
  • Upload & Print documents of transports
  • Access to customized dashboards
  • Receive some specific notifications