SSLEUR St-Petersburg Shuttle Service D

Map of the SSLEUR St-Petersburg Shuttle Service D

Transit Time Calculation (as per proforma)

Key Figures

Key Figures
Frequency Weekly
Vessel Fleet 2
Ports of Call 10
Duration 14 Days

Line Strengths

  • - French Baltic St Petersburg C (FBLC) is one the 3 weekly dedicated services to St Petersburg (FBLS, FBLSB & FBLC).

  • - Extensive european port coverage in Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, Antwerpen & Hamburg to meet customers requirements.

  • - 2200 TEU weekly total capacity to St Petersburg giving excellent possibilities to developp Russian business

  • - Multiple connections for deep sea cargo In and Out St Petersburg thru European Ports

  • - FAL1 and FAL5 well connected in Hamburg as weel as FAL3 in Zeebrugge

Operated Vessels

Operated Vessels
Name Operator Type Geared Nominal Capacity Ccial Capacity @14t Reefer Plugs Dwt Built Flag Speed
CMA CGM NEVA CMA - CGM CC N 2 487 710 34 350 2018 MALTA 20
CMA CGM PREGOLIA CMA - CGM CC N 2 487 710 34 350 2018 MALTA 20

Main Connections

- FAL1 & FAL5 for import to St Petersburg via Hamburg and FAL3 via Zeebrugge
- FAL1, FAL3 and FAL5 for export from Saint Petersburg via Zeebrugge and Rotterdam
- EPIC via Rotterdam et Antwerpen
- Transat (Victory and Liberty) & Canada (SL1) via Rotterdam
- Caribbean and South American Lines via Rotterdam
- NEMO and RTWPAN via Rotterdam
- NAF Morocco via Rotterdam

Networks and Operational information