Moving your shipment from origin to destination often requires using multiple modes of transportation. That’s why we offer you CMA CGM Intermodal, a comprehensive door-to-door and eco-friendly inland solution combining train, barge and truck for seamless continental connections.

A worldwide expertise

CMA CGM Intermodal provides you with a global coverage thanks to worldwide land-based infrastructures (trains, barges and trucks) for dedicated and regional connections.

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Sustainable door-to-door solutions

Optimize your supply chain performance while focusing on your core business functions thanks to our end-to-end intermodal services.

Eco-friendly solutions to reduce your carbon footprint

  • Dedicated block trains and barges to reduce unitary carbon footprint.
  • Routes optimization.
  • Prioritization of eco-friendly transport modes.

Dedicated team of experts to ensure you peace of mind

  • One single point of contact.
  • Intermodal expert teams around the world.
  • Tailor-made solutions in respond to your specific requirements.

Worldwide group support for operational excellence

  • Equipment availability on all continents.
  • Ramp / Inland depot offer.
  • Highly efficient inland transport providers.
  • Cargo loading priority.

Real-time visibility for an optimized control over your supply chain

  • Near real-time tracking availability (optional).
  • Smart satellite padlock (optional).

Additional services to save time and money

  • A Through Bill of Lading service : a single document for your transport at sea and on land.
  • No pick up or drop off fees.
  • Storage, demurrage and detention advantageous conditions.
  • Customs clearance (available upon request).
  • Booking and follow up via CMA CGM e-solutions.
  • Protect your cargo with Cargo Value Serenity.

CMA CGM can also provide you the service of its logistics subsidiary CEVA.


 CEVA CEVA Logistics makes business flow. As one of the world’s leading non-asset-based supply chain management companies, CEVA Logistics designs and implements industry-leading solutions in both freight management and contract logistics.
Thanks to 42,000 dedicated employees, working in 17 regional clusters around the globe, CEVA Logistics delivers operational excellence to provide viable answers to the most challenging supply chain questions for automotive, consumer & retail, energy, healthcare, industrial & aerospace and technology sectors.
CMA CGM Group has been CEVA Logistics’ reference shareholder since its listing on the SIX stock exchange in May 2018, and now owns 33% of the capital. We signed a new relationship agreement on Wednesday October 24th to reinforce the industrial cooperation between our two companies, in order to make it possible for CEVA Logistics to accelerate its transformation.
We are transporting the whole shipping and transport chain into the future.