A large variety of goods require specific atmosphere, temperature or humidity level to be shipped. For such type of sensitive cargo, the slightest detail can make all the difference.

CMA CGM refrigerated containers are specifically designed for the transport of perishable goods in a temperature-controlled environment. They come with a wide variety of sizes and with all the latest technologies. These containers are named Reefer.

Thanks to our large and modern Reefer container fleet, our skilled experts all over the globe and our various assets as a leading worldwide shipping group, CMA CGM can bring you unmatched expertise for your Reefer needs.

  • 2nd

    largest Reefer carrier in the world

  • 300,000

    Reefer plugs

  • 430,370

    Reefer containers (TEU)

  • 566


  • 750+

    agencies worldwide

  • 200+

    shipping lines

Key Benefits

  • The most technologically advanced fleet in the industry

    container With an average age of seven years, our Reefer fleet is one of the youngest and most technologically advanced in the industry and integrates the last innovations in terms of efficiency and service.

  • A Tailor-made customer service

    contact Our dedicated Reefer team carefully follows up each special reefer shipment.

  • A large variety of Reefer Services

    list Including sophisticated controlled atmosphere containers (monitoring Oxygen and CO2 levels into the units) or unique deliveries like Reeflex for liquids, Climactive for very sensitive fruits, Aquaviva for live seafood or Pharma premium package.

The "Reeference" in the world

CMA CGM Reeference
To provide the best cargo service, CMA CGM puts at your disposal the second largest Reefer container fleet in the world with but also one of the youngest and most technologically advanced in the industry.

Consisting of 20’, 40’ High Cube and 45’ (32/33 Pallet Wide) containers, our Reefer fleet can transport goods at temperatures ranging from ultra-low settings (-40°C and below) to +30°C ensuring the best care for your products.

Equipped with electronics for cooling, heating and modifying the air, our containers allow us to monitor and control all types of data remotely. We are able to provide you with technical solutions for almost anything you want to ship, like for liquids Reeflex, for live seafood Aquaviva, for sensitive fruits Climactive, or premium package for Pharma.