RORO – Roll-on / Roll-off

RORO ships, real assets of the CMA CGM Group

Roro vessel

The CMA CGM Group and its Comanav subsidiary offer a range of intra-Mediterranean services towards the Maghreb through a fleet of RORO (Roll-On, Roll-Off) ships.

RORO are vessels equipped with a mobile access ramp allowing the loading and unloading of the goods by towing between the edge and the wharf. They are fast and allow short loading / unloading times. Trucks with trailers, semi-trailers, dry / reefer containers and exceptional loads are thus easily disembarked.

Reliable and sustainable RORO vessels

The use of RORO ships allows for a more secure, simpler and faster transport to preserve optimum merchandise quality.

The maritime transport allows a very high degree of reliability compared to a 100% road service. The risks of uncertainties are limited by sea. The distance is shorter and the power of the ships allows the customer to benefit from exceptional transit times.

In addition to being more reliable, the transport on Rolling ships is much more ecological because it mutualizes the transport of goods on board. CO2 emissions are significantly reduced and noise nuisance is limited compared to road transport.

More information on the Group's environmental policy.

A clear and innovative service offer towards the Maghreb

Roro keyfigures

Rodolphe Saadé

Arnaud Thibault

Deputy Vice President, Mediterranean Short Sea Lines, Asia, Mediterranean, Europe lines

The RORO offer of the Short Sea Lines Mediterranean has been reviewed to adapt to the needs of the customers of each Maghreb country. We are proud to offer a complete RORO offering, the most successful ever made in the Group's history.

Rail connections are then possible from Marseilles and Genoa to Northern Europe. The Port of Marseilles is the gateway to Europe and is served by each of the three maritime services. The CMA CGM Group is the only one to offer scheduled services from the city of Marseilles.

In order to meet the needs of customers in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, a RORO service has been developed and adapted to each of these countries.

High-performance services dedicated to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria

All types of rolling units, containers and exceptional loads are transported between the Maghreb and Southern Europe by our 3 maritime services: Morocco Express, RORO Algeria and RORO Tunisia.

Morocco Express, the shortest route between Morocco and Europe

Roro maroc

Download the brochure in our dedicated page

In Morocco, the Group is launching a new maritime offer as of the 21st of October 2017, with regular weekly departures on fixed days adapted to the needs of producers and industrialists. CMA CGM is the first carrier to offer an alternative maritime offer to pass through Spain.

This new service has considerable advantages over road transport:

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Optimal port selection

The ports of call of the Morocco Express service offer many advantages:

  • direct connection to natural corridors to the north of Europe via Marseilles and Genoa;
  • facilitated access to the import market for fruits and vegetables from Morocco and West Africa via Port-Vendres;
  • opening up to Europe and Africa via the Tangier hub;
  • proximity to production and farming sites through a port of call in Casablanca;
  • a complete door-to-door offering via railway solutions in Europe.

The reliability of sea shipping

The maritime transport allows a very high degree of reliability in relation to the 100% road service:

  • It is safer: less risk of delays and accidents on the way
  • It is faster: the route is shorter by sea and avoids all road congestion. Deliveries are faster and the quality of the products is preserved.
  • It is easier: shortened administrative and phytosanitary procedures and controls
  • It is regular: not dependent on space on board ship to cross the Strait of Gibraltar during periods of Traffic loaded (holidays, ...)

RORO: an innovative solution

RORO ships offer a simplified, secure, fast and economical transport solution, more advantageous than the 100% road. Indeed:

  • The vessels on the line are suitable for transporting trailers. More time constraints driving truck, rotating driver, truck wear
  • Ro-ro ships allow for efficient loading of trailers and container chassis. Their capacity allows to load up to 180 trailers per loop year-round while ensuring an operational fluidity in all ports of call.
  • Thanks to the ease of loading and unloading, they offer exceptional transit times:
    • 36hrs to / from Marseilles
    • 48hrs to / from Port-Vendres

  • Several departures per week on fixed days in Southern Europe and Morocco,

And for an ultra-complete transport solution, the Group also offers the following services:

  • Supported Documentation
  • Goods protection services

A sustainable transport solution that is respectful of both humans and the environment

Since shipping is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, Morocco Express has its impact on drastically low air quality compared to other transport solutions:

  • Through maritime transport, CO2 emissions between Morocco and South France are reduced up to 43% (ie 64 000 tonnes of CO2)
  • Through maritime and rail transport, CO2 emissions between Morocco and Northern Europe are reduced up to 51% (ie 91 000 tonnes of CO2)

In addition, maritime transport reduces the noise pollution and the risk of accidents observed in a transport that is 100% by road.

Roro maroc

The Morocco Express is composed of 3 loops and serves the ports of Tangier, Casablanca, Marseilles, Genoa and Port-Vendres:

  • Loop 1 : weekly service on a fixed day, available throughout the year. It connects Casablanca and Tangier to Marseilles. 2 departures per week from Morocco. Vessel with a capacity of 180 trailers.
  • Loop 2 : weekly service on a fixed day, available throughout the year. It connects Tangier to Marseilles and Genoa with 2 departures each week from the South of Europe. Vessel with a capacity of 180 trailers.
  • Loop 3 : weekly service on a fixed day, available from November to April. It connects the port of Tangier to Port-Vendres with 1 departure per week from Tangier. Vessel with a capacity of 65 trailers.
Rodolphe Saadé

Arnaud Thibault

Deputy Vice President, Mediterranean Short Sea Lines, Asia, Mediterranean, Europe lines

Today, the CMA CGM Group is revolutionizing the import / export of goods between Morocco and Europe thanks to an unprecedented maritime offering: Morocco Express. Simplified, faster, more efficient, this service consists of 3 loops serving 5 key ports and offers exceptional transit times adapted to the needs of industrialists and producers.

For any questions, contact your nearest agency: in Morocco, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherland and United-Kingdom.

RORO Tunisia: Tunisia connected to Marseilles in 36hrs

Roro tunisie

RORO Tunisia offers 3 departures per week. The complete rotation takes place over 5 days with 2 dedicated RORO ships. The goods loaded from Marseilles arrive at Rades, La Goulette in 36hrs.

More information on the RORO service dedicated to Tunisia

For any questions, contact your nearest Agency: in Tunisia, or in France

RORO Algeria: Direct service between Marseille, Mostaganem and Skikda

Roro algerie

The RORO Algeria service allows direct connection between Marseille and Mostaganem in 1.5 days and Skikda and Marseille in 4 days. The complete rotation of the service is carried out in 8 days thanks to a dedicated RORO ship: the Cap Camarat.

More information on RORO line dedicated to Algeria

For any questions, contact your nearest Agency: in Algeria, or in France

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