A game changer for the shipping industry that enables faster and more efficient transactions with the same legal value as a traditional B/L. Transfer your BILL OF LADING paperless online to the next party in just one click!

  • Speed up your shipping process

    Time-speed-vessel Easier documentation management: quickly send BILL OF LADING paperless with a click and surrender it instantly to the carrier.

  • Enjoy peace of mind

    Tower-CmaCgm Benefit from a service 100% reliable with the same function and legal value and following the same steps as a traditional paper Bill of Lading.

  • Avoid postage

    Document-BL Eliminate the cost and hassle of sending hardcopy documents.

  • Get an eco-friendly solution

    Ecocalc Reduce the amount of paper required to manage your operations.

How does it work?

  • You and your consignee simply register on our BILL OF LADING paperless interface, fully integrated to our eCommerce platforms.
  • The Bill of Lading will be transmitted electronically and be instantly transferred between parties.
  • The consignee can deliver the original Bill of Lading to the destination offices with a single click.

BILL OF LADING paperless is quick and easy to use. Only two buttons to push to give our customers instant access to their electronic Bill Of Lading saving time and costs for both us and them.

Bevan ELPHICKShipping department, AFFCO Limited, New Zealand.

BILL OF LADING paperless transfer happens in a second with No RISK of BL Loss or Fraud. We could experience, more control on payment realization from our US agent, ease on BL tracking and Cargo release without any delay.

Srikar KFreight Forwarder, AVANTI FROZEN Seafood exporters, India.