CMA CGM Corporate Film

CMA CGM, a man’s journey

CMA CGM Corporate Movie

More than a company, CMA CGM is above all the story of the incredible entrepreneurial boldness of a man, Jacques Saadé, who has built in a few decades a family group that is now a leading worldwide shipping group.

Jacques Saadé arrived with his family to Marseille in 1978 from his native country Lebanon, back then torn apart by civil war. He selected France to build from scratch a regional maritime transport company, the Compagnie Maritime d’Affrètement (CMA).

CMA CGM Corporate Movie

Initially, the CMA owned one vessel deployed between Marseille, Beirut and Latakia. Yet as early as 1983, Jacques Saadé decides to open his horizons beyond the Mediterranean Sea and crosses the Suez Canal to expand lines to the Red Sea, then to Asia. An initiative reported by many as perilous or even foolish for a small regional player. But the audacity turns out to be rewarding and the Group continued its growth: Jacques Saadé is the first and foremost to bet on China and opens the first CMA offices as early as 1992, ten years prior to the entry of the country into the WTO.

In the early 1990s, the entrepreneurial adventure becomes a family one: Rodolphe Saadé and Tanya Saadé join their father in CMA, contributing to the corporation’s growth and fulfilling the wishes of Jacques Saadé to see CMA become a successful family business.

New development in 1997: the CMA becomes CMA CGM after acquiring the Compagnie Générale Maritime (CGM), and became the only major French player in maritime transport. Following this acquisition, the Group grew significantly and reached the 12th position in world shipping industry.

CMA CGM Corporate Movie

History does not stop there. CMA CGM becomes the 3rd worldwide shipping group in 2006. This spectacular development is the result of a strong organic growth – opening of new lines, reinforcement of its vessel fleet - and an external growth strategy with the acquisition of regional maritime companies. In 2006, the Group purchases DELMAS and strengthens his positioning in Africa in high-potential markets. During the same year, CMA CGM extends its expertise and services by increasingly investing in multimodal services: road, river and rail transport, port terminals and container terminals.

CMA CGM Corporate Movie

In 2008, while global maritime transport is affected by the worst economic crisis in modern history, CMA CGM illustrates its resilience through two major events, a proof of its ambition and its confidence in facing the future. First, the opening in 2010 of the CMA CGM Tower, masterpiece of contemporary architecture signed by Zaha Hadid, which towers Marseille’s port and testifies of the sustainable commitment of the company to the city.

And then in 2013, CMA CGM inaugurates, in the presence of the French president, the CMA CGM JULES VERNE, the largest container ship in the world under French flag at the time.

A worldwide Group

CMA CGM Corporate Movie

Leader of French maritime shipping industry, CMA CGM Group is more than ever a company of the 21st century, in the heart of world trade.

Maritime lines calling ports all over the world, providing global and regular coverage

CMA CGM Corporate MovieCMA CGM and its subsidiaries offer more than 170 lines calling 400 ports in 150 countries. Thanks to its five main hubs located in Malta, Tangier, Khor Fakkan, Port Kelang and Kingston, the Group serves both major and regional trades.

A global network for a bespoke service

CMA CGM Corporate MovieThe extensive network of agents deployed in more than 150 countries, brings together our field staff members fashioned with CMA CGM’s corporate culture. It is through the expertise of its local offices abroad that the CMA CGM Group is one of the few global maritime player to master the entire logistics chain by providing a service covering the whole transport chain.

Local expert teams working closely with the customers

CMA CGM Corporate MovieCovering all global shipping routes, the Group offers to its customers an expertise strengthened by the local expertise of its subsidiaries such as Delmas in Africa, CNC in Asia, ANL in Oceania, Comanav in Maghreb or also MacAndrews in Europe.

The Head Office of the Group: a strategic decision-making center

CMA CGM Corporate MovieOperational, business or support functions are gathered at the Head Office of the Group, in Marseille, making this place the decision-making centre of the company. More than 47 different nationalities mingle, bringing an unmatched knowledge of the markets.

A renowned expertise at the service of our customers

CMA CGM Corporate Movie

Men and women of the CMA CGM Group from the the four corners of the world are mobilized to bring the best service to its customers, in the most secure way.

Behind the array of services proposed by the CMA CGM Group is a plethora of professions, most of which are tied to the cornerstone of the shipping industry: the maritime line. The complementary expertise of seafarers’ professions and sedentary professions greatly contribute to the Group’s success and its position as a leader in the maritime industry.

On land, trades that derive from the activity complement and support all the teams on board, and are all articulated around the shipping line through business, operational and support functions.

Today, CMA CGM is able to transport bulk materials, as well as industrial, manufactured or food products, including those needing refrigerated transport solutions.

An innovative Group, committed to protect the environment

CMA CGM Corporate Movie

CMA CGM’s position as a major player in the shipping industry also reflects in the modernity of its fleet at the uppermost technological innovation.

Always aiming for innovation and excellence, the CMA CGM fleet counts three of the largest container ships in capacity in the world: the CMA CGM Marco Polo, the CMA CGM Alexander Von Humboldt and the CMA CGM Jules Verne. Having a capacity of 16 020 TEUs, these will be complemented soon by six ships of 18 000 TEUs.

These giants of the seas are powerful and efficient vessels, fitted with advanced environmental and safety technology. They represent a considerable competitive advantage worldwide and allow CMA CGM to provide its clients with services that are always consistant, reliable and more competitive.

CMA CGM Corporate Movie The continuous focus on innovation already allowed the Group to reduce by 40% its emissions of CO2/km-EVP since 2005, thus putting CMA CGM on the right tracks to achieve its objective of 50% reduction between 2005 and 2015.

A vessel such as the CMA CGM Jules Verne now emits only 3.2 g CO2/km-ton of goods transported. It has an EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) of 10.56, which represents 30% below the maximum standard imposed by the IMO, and already meets the objectives set by the IMO for 2025.

Within the Group, innovation also serves the safety of men.

CMA CGM Corporate Movie

Through the maritime safety department created in 2007, the CMA CGM Group has deployed a Fleet Navigation Center, navigation assistance and advisory center located in the heart of the Head Office of the Group in Marseille. Operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the Fleet Navigation Center is managed by experienced seafarers and provides a valuable link between the seafarers and on land departments, by providing a preventative and consultative role to crews. Today, only 2 vessel fleets worldwide have this control structure allowing to follow in real time the Group’s entire fleet and quickly contact the vessels if needed.

A family based model, responsible for the past and future growth of the Group

Since its creation in 1978, the company has effectively grown by sustaining the same spirit of passion.

CMA CGM became a leading worldwide shipping group while staying true to its culture based on strong human and family values: the audacity to act in order to exceed its limits, the initiative to keep growing, the imagination to be the best in the profession, and the integrity to guarantee stability.

This culture is what makes the Group unique. It is characterized by its willingness to sustain growth, to listen to its customers to better serve their needs.

This culture creates within the Group a unique mindset much valued by its customers: the CMA CGM spirit.

This spirit is based on a shared vision of values which ensures a solid development and expansion of its activities.

This mindset can be found everywhere within the Group: among its family shareholders investing in the future, among the loyal and united management teams and among each staff member committed to the success of the CMA CGM Group

The strength of our Group lies in its business model
Our core values give the company its heart and soul
This is how we have grown.
We will continue to do so with the same passion
Jacques Saadé