Looking back on the different logos, landmarks in the History of the Group

1978: Beginning of the CMA adventure, Creation of a visual identity

CMA Logo 1978On September 13, 1978, Jacques R. Saadé decided to create a shipping line that connected Marseilles, Livorno, Latakia and Beirut. 1 shipping line, 4 staff members, 1 ship: The CMA (Compagnie Maritime d’Affrètement) was born. With it, a simple and effective logo was created. Three colors are present, referring to the French flag. Blue and red will remain the markers for the Group’s visual identity over the years.

1981: A hastened growth, A new logo reflecting this dynamics

CMA Logo 1981Throughout the three years after its creation, the CMA’s development hastened. In 1981, the Company operated 12 vessels, carried 60,000 TEUs and counted 93 staff members. Since 1980, the CMA had owned its first vessel called Ville-d’Orient. Visionary, Jacques R. Saadé laid the foundation for a multimodal service aiming at delivering the merchandise directly to the clients’ final destinations. The new logo took the form of a flag, recalling a ship’s flag, the emblem of the Company’s activity. It was a more dynamic logo, symbolizing the movement and evolution of the company.

1988: 10 years of existence

CMA Logo 1988In 1988, the CMA celebrated its 10th anniversary and was already the No. 3 in French maritime transport. The Company operated 45 ships on 6 shipping lines, and carried 150,000 TEUs. 125 staff members was part of the CMA, and 9 agencies ensured the Company’s presence locally. In 1986, the CMA had set out for ASIA and anticipated the main role that the continent would play in the years to come. The Company was definitely on a roll. The logo was redesigned so as to increase its dynamic pattern.

1996: Acquisition of the CGM

CMA CGM Logo 1996In 1996, the French State privatized the CGM (Compagnie Générale Maritime) and Jacques R. Saadé's industrial project was selected. The combination of the CMA and the CGM gave rise to a leading international Group in France, with 60 operated vessels deployed on 15 shipping lines, carrying 850,000 TEUs. 2,443 staff members are part of the Group, within the 62 agencies established worldwide. The new logo expressed the global dimension of the Group by revealing the world map and illustrated the combination of the CMA and the CGM.

1999: Merger of the CMA and the CGM, "The French Line"

CMA CGM Logo 1999On September 27, 1999, the General Meetings of CMA SA and CGM SA decided to merge the two companies. The CMA CGM headquarters would be in Marseilles. At that time, the Group had 65 shipping lines taken by its 81 ships, and more than 3,000 staff members. 1.3 million TEUs were carried with CMA CGM, and its agencies network gathered 230 offices. CMA CGM, the 1st shipping company in France, also became the world's No. 12 in this sector and proudly displayed its French identity, "The French Line", as the signature at the bottom of a refined logo, in line with the tendencies of that time: the font was made thinner and more visible, above an unchanged world map.

2004: Accelerating the development

CMA CGM Logo 2004Thanks to its anticipation of the crucial role China would play within the sphere of international economic exchanges, CMA CGM began an exponential growth in the early 2000s. Aside maritime development, managing port operations and rail transport became other strategic axes for the Group. In 2004, the shipping market represented 70% of goods transportations worldwide. Benefiting from its opening to the Chinese market, CMA CGM became No. 5 worldwide. Then, the Group gathered 182 vessels within its fleet. The number of staff members increased above 8,000, and more than 4 million TEUs were carried through the 76 Group’s shipping lines. 417 agencies were deployed locally. During this new milestone year, the logo was redesigned: the typography was preserved, but the world map was filled with squares suggesting containers. The idea of a dynamics depicted in the first logos was repeated: it was symbolized by the apparition of the two waves.

2008: 30 years of success

Logo CMA CGM 2008CMA CGM celebrated its 30th anniversary: 30 years of an extraordinary human adventure that made the Group the world's No. 3. The fleet gathered 395 vessels and its staff members were 16,700, that is to say twice more than 4 years previously. 8.88 million TEUs were carried through the 200 shipping lines. The agencies network also grew, with more than 650 offices in 150 countries. 2008 was the year when the corporate website was redisigned for the 1st time. The need for a simplified, purified logo, designed according to the visual trends of that time, led to the removal of the world map in the background of the logo.