CMA CGM: a leading worldwide shipping group

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Founded in Marseille in 1978 by Jacques Saadé, the CMA CGM Group is a leading worldwide shipping group.

CMA CGM: a world leader and a major economic player


Now headed by Rodolphe Saadé, from its base in Marseille, the CMA CGM Group is present in more than 160 countries through its network of over 755 agencies, with more than 30,000 employees worldwide (4,500 in France).

With a young and diversified fleet of 494 vessels, the CMA CGM Group serves over 420 of the world's 521 commercial ports. Through more than 200 shipping lines, the company operates on every one of the world's seas. Its global presence and efficient ships like the CMA CGM BOUGAINVILLE enabled the CMA CGM Group to transport a volume of 18.95 million TEUs last year.

There are 2,400 staff members working at the Group's head office, the CMA CGM Tower in Marseille. It is a building worthy of a major player in the French economy. The Group has 6,300 French customers and CMA CGM is the largest private employer in Marseille, the city where the company was founded in 1978.

Key figures*

18.95millionVolume transported in TEUs

21.1Billion revenues in USD

494 Vessel fleet

2.53MFleet's slot capacity in TEUs

755Offices worldwide

420Ports of call in 160 countries

200+Shipping services

30,000+Employees worldwide

4,500Employees in France


CMA CGM: subsidiaries and brands with targeted expertise for personalised service


The CMA CGM Group operates all over the world and on every sea. In order to offer personalised service, the company owns a portfolio of brands and subsidiaries that complement one another and offers strong regional expertise:

Other CMA CGM activities & subsidiaries are:

CMA CGM: environmental concerns at the heart of the Group's strategy

CMA CGM Environment Policy: blue is the new green

The sustainable development policy, launched several years ago by Jacques Saadé, is central to the CMA CGM Group's decision-making. Since 2005, CMA CGM has reduced its CO2 emissions by 50% on its owned fleet.

There are many reasons for this environmental efficiency:

  • ships with the latest technologies for ensuring safety and protecting the environment ;
  • pioneering investment in eco-containers since 2005 ;
  • a ISO 14001 certification for the management of the Group's ships obtained in 2013 ;
  • and much more…

CMA CGM Group, as one of the leading worldwide shipping groups, is determined to conduct its business activities in a responsible, transparent and ethical way, maintaining its values. In that regard, a Code of Ethics was created by the CMA CGM Group for its employees.

The CMA CGM Group is also furthering its corporate responsibility through the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation, founded by Mrs Naïla Saadé, which has been serving children since 2005.