Jobs and careers at CMA CGM

Our international presence and the diversity of our business activities allows CMA CGM to offer a wide range of professions, all creating a cohesive whole around the core of our industry: the shipping line. This is the keystone of our business; it constitutes an autonomous profit center and brings together many "sales", "operations", and "support" positions which jointly contribute to its success.

All types of professions, united by the shipping line

Job overview CMA CGM

picContainer logistics careers, taking care of everything related to the main transportation tool of our industry: the container.

picPorts & Terminals careers, acquiring and managing terminals all over the world.

picSupport careers, providing sales and operations the right tools and resources to offer the best service.

picAgency network careers, allowing the Group to provide a local expertise.

picSupply chain careers, offering the customer visibility and a tailor-made shipping solution.

picVessels-related careers, building, manning, developing and equipping CMA CGM’s fleet of container-ships.

picShipping lines careers, managing sales, operations, cargo and the overall transportation flow.

picIntermodal careers, specializing in multimodal services to make sure goods are handled inland with the same quality of service as they are at sea.